A number of sheep were found along the Sheskin Road in Greysteel last Thursday, with another sheep and three lambs found dead in a stream on Sunday.

As all of the dead sheep had their tags and marking removed, they could not be identified.

Speaking to the Irish Farmers Journal local Sinn Féin councillor Dermot Nicholl said there have been a number of similar incidents in recent months.

“This has happened a few times over the past six months, but this is not on. It’s even happening in broad daylight.

“Farmers in the area are angry because it’s happening more and more lately and it is unacceptable,” he said.

Sheep dumped in a stream in Co Derry

Dermot also said that when sheep carcases are dumped on someone else’s land, that landowner may be responsible: “So that is a whole other issue because that landowner may be seen as responsible.

“Farmers have had it tough and I know there is a cost associated with getting rid of carcases, but dead animals can’t keep being discarded like this,” he said.

Who is responsible?

DAERA says: “Farmers are responsible for the disposal of their fallen stock. The livestock industry has a great deal to gain from maintaining public confidence in its ability to dispose of its waste in a safe and sustainable manner.”

It also says that fallen stock are to be collected, identified and transported without ‘undue delay’.

The dead animals were disposed of by Causeway Coast and Glens. Dermot said he was told disposal cost was £32.50 for a farmer and that he expected it to cost considerably more for the Council.

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