A rest day in Chiang Mai after our Thailand ultra-marathon and we were back in the saddle. The next country was Myanmar, also known as Burma. We cycled south to Mae Sot and crossed the border to Myawaddy. We got our passport departure stamps out of Thailand, crossed a bridge to a Myanmar checkpoint on the other side, got a stamp and a few pictures taken and we were in.

A different language, different currency, different clothes, different ways of life. All that separates them is a bridge.

It usually takes a day or two to familiarise ourselves with the ways and customs of a new country, often times switching from cycling on the right side to the left side of the road or vice-versa. People drive differently in each country and road rules differ. In Myanmar, intersections are... well, let’s just say they are unique. No one stops. Just blow the horn approaching and if no one is crossing you have the right of way, or at least that’s the conclusion we came to.