Thirty acres of second-cut silage was harvested on Tullamore Farm this week.

While ground conditions were on the sticky side, the grass was pitted without any significant damage being done to ground.

The grass was mowed on Tuesday, raked on Wednesday and pitted Thursday morning. A decision was made not to tedd out the grass to avoid traffic on the field as much as possible.

Sugars were relatively low due to the lack of sunshine.

Farm manager Shaun Diver decided to use an additive to increase the sugar content, thereby increasing the preservation and digestibility of the grass silage.


The cattle side of the farm is relatively quiet at the minute, with breeding complete.

Calves were weighed earlier in the week, with the bulls averaging 234kg liveweight and the heifers 216kg.

This will leave an average daily weight gain of approximately 1.26kg and 1.21kg respectively, which is on par with other years.

Further information will be available on calf weight and liveweight gains next week.

Maiden heifers will receive a dose for lungworm in the coming days.

Shaun has reported heifers beginning to cough, likely exasperated by the wet weather we are seeing, which increases the risk of all worm burdens on stock.


Fifteen lambs were drafted for slaughter, with some of these containing the last of this year’s pet lambs.

The lambs averaged a carcase weight of 20.2kg, with an average price of €127.60 received.

Weaned lambs are currently grazing some of the red clover ground, with concentrates also having been introduced in recent weeks.

Shaun has also drafted a selection of Tullamore Farm’s flock for display at the Irish Farmers Journal stand at this year’s Tullamore Show.

Some store lambs of varying flesh cover and selected breeding ewe lambs, as well as two of the farm’s stock rams, will be on display at the stand.