The Moloneys' decision to choose Kverneland wasn't made lightly. With a rich history and solid reputation for reliability, coupled with robust dealer support and an excellent product team, Kverneland stands out in the market.

"Kverneland, they're a well-renowned product. We've seen a lot of machines on the market for numerous years, and they've got good dealer backup and product support team," said Thomas.

Initial impressions and continued satisfaction

The FastBale first caught the Moloneys' attention during a demonstration in 2017.

Its performance was impressive enough to keep them interested until a subsequent demonstration in 2021, which highlighted significant improvements. The upgrades confirmed their decision to invest in the machine.

"We were very impressed with the workings of the machine...and we're very happy with the machine performance," Thomas recalls about their decision-making process.

Non-stop baling: a game changer

One of the FastBale's most praised features is its non-stop baling system. This allows continuous operation without the need to stop and start, a godsend for productivity and efficiency.

Thomas highlights: "The non-stop feature has to be the most beneficial part of the baler; it delivers a huge output throughout the day when you don't have to physically stop."

This not only saves significant time but also reduces fuel consumption and wear on the tractor.

“Having used other manufacturers' machines over the last number of years, we like the performance of the FastBale. It's a big saving on fuel consumption, reduces a lot of wear and tear on the tractor as well; you're not breaking throughout the day. If you're doing maybe 400 bales a day, that's 400 times you don't have to brake with your tractor,” Thomas stated.

Quality and compactness

The Moloneys were also impressed by the density and quality of the bales produced by the FastBale.

"It makes quite dense big bales. And the chop quality of the silage is very good also," Thomas points out.

Furthermore, the compact design of the FastBale is particularly advantageous, making it easy to manoeuvre and transport, an essential factor for operations spread across diverse terrains.

Ease of maintenance is another critical factor that has impressed the Moloneys. The FastBale features a design that allows easy access to the knife bank for quick and efficient maintenance.

"The way you can pull out the knife bank to the side, it's quite easy to get at the knife when you need to sharpen them,” he said.

Superior design and functionality

The FastBale isn't just about non-stop baling; it's about integrating multiple steps into a seamless operation, as described by Kverneland Group Ireland product manager John Doyle: "FastBale represents two world firsts: it is currently the world’s only non-stop fixed chamber baler and, secondly, it is the world’s only non-stop fixed chamber baler wrapper combination."

John anticipates that the FastBale will be a game-changer this summer, especially with shorter windows for contractors.

"As we face increasingly narrow timeframes for crucial farming tasks, such as baling, the FastBale's non-stop operation and efficiency will prove invaluable," Doyle predicts.

"I believe this summer will showcase the FastBale's ability to maximise productivity during these critical periods, ultimately revolutionising the way farmers and contractors approach their work."

The machine uses a clever layout with two bale chambers that allow continuous operation, from baling to wrapping, without interruption. This design not only speeds up the baling process, but also ensures the high quality of each bale.

Reflecting on the unmatched performance of the Kverneland FastBale compared to other balers, Thomas emphasised the unique qualities that set it apart in the field

"In terms of comparing the baler to other manufacturers, we've found it incredibly reliable throughout the two seasons that we've had it. We're very impressed with the productivity of the machine, but, honestly, there is no real comparison.

"There is no other baler on the market with this level of compactness and with a non-stop feature. Over the last years, we've literally had no problems with the machine and we're very impressed with the build quality."

Environmental and operational benefits

From an environmental perspective, FastBale's film on film option provides improved silage quality and simpler recycling of plastic waste. Operational benefits are equally impressive, with reduced time spent on bale wrapping and a gentle bale discharge system that minimises the risk of bales rolling away on sloping lands.

Positive impact on Moloney Agri contracting business

Reflecting on the overall impact of the FastBale on their operations, Thomas concludes: "The FastBale had a positive impact on our business. It just increased productivity a huge deal and even from an operator's point of view, it's a nice baler to operate. It's very simple; there's no stopping and starting during the day."

For other farmers and contractors considering their options, Thomas doesn’t hesitate to recommend the FastBale.

"We definitely recommend the FastBale to any other farmers and contractors; we've been working there for two seasons with literally no problems and we're very impressed by the build quality and performance of the machine."

As Irish agriculture continues to evolve, tools such as the Kverneland FastBale are proving indispensable for farmers looking to increase efficiency and productivity.

The Moloneys' experience is a testament to how adopting innovative technologies can lead to significant improvements in both operations and outcomes.

Supporting Irish farmers and contractors

Conor Vaughan from Kverneland Group Ireland emphasises the company's dedication to assisting Irish farmers and contractors with their agricultural needs through the 0% finance offer covering 100% of the VAT-inclusive selling price.

"Our aim at Kverneland Group Ireland is to empower Irish farmers and contractors by providing accessible financial solutions," he states.

"This initiative reflects our commitment to supporting the agricultural community in Ireland, ensuring they have access to cutting-edge equipment without the financial burden."

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