Information on farm building design and construction.

Weekly podcast: shed building costs spiral, fertiliser prices and new Macra CEO
Barry Murphy
Rising farm building costs, fertiliser prices, the new Macra CEO and IFA member unease over its leadership’s salary increases all feature.
20 April 2022 Editorial
Editorial: rising costs affecting farm building investments
It is no surprise given the rise in the price of steel and concrete that the investment in farm buildings is showing real signs of cooling off.
12 April 2022 News
TAMS reference costs upped 5-15% from Tranche 26
The increase represents a further rise on the revised costs effective from last summer.
€128m worth of TAMS cash yet to be drawn down by farmers
Recent figures released by the Department show that significant funds approved for spending have yet to be utilised by farmers approved for investments.
11 April 2022 News
Planning permissions fall as building costs escalate
There was a surge in applications following the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic but applications have returned to more normal levels of late with demand said to be tempered by escalating costs.
30 March 2022 Buildings
New Nitrates Action Programme: buildings-related questions
Many farmers believe changes in Ireland’s fifth Nitrates Action Programme only affect Nitrates Derogation farmers but this is far from the case with changes for all farmers.
23 March 2022 Buildings
TAMS costings ‘disconnected from reality’ – ICMSA
The ICMSA farm and rural affairs chair has claimed the failure to update the TAMS costings has made the scheme irrelevant.
14 March 2022 News
Shed erection begins on Tullamore Farm
The shed structure has been erected and concrete works are underway including pouring walls, concreting around stanchions and erecting posts for penning.
9 March 2022 Tullamore Farm
200 cows ‘lucky’ to survive shed storm damage in Cork
A Cork farmer says he was lucky that no cows due to calve were in the shed at the time of the storm damage.
21 February 2022 News
Eighty places available in Traditional Farm Buildings Grant Scheme
The fund of €1.25m will provide grant aid ranging from €4,000 to €25,000 and cover up to 75% of the cost of the project eligible for funding.
16 February 2022 Buildings
All-island plan to protect old farm buildings and yards
In a bid to protect and restore old Irish farm buildings and outhouses across the island of Ireland, Minister Malcolm Noonan has collaborated with Northern Ireland colleagues.
25 January 2022 News
Farm building activity in 2022 a ‘crystal ball job’
Sheeting prices are forecast to rise further in early 2022 but some in the sector say the cost increases for other materials are beginning to level out.
5 January 2022 News