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No magic bullet for Ireland’s wool industry - Minister
Amy Forde
The viability of a scouring plant in Ireland is something that needs to be explored, the Minister has said.
Lambs weaned and second batch drafted for slaughter
17 July 2024 Tullamore Farm
Lambs weaned and second batch drafted for slaughter
Despite the weather challenges, lambs recorded a positive weaning weight of 37.66kg, having gained an average of 300g per day from birth to weaning.
Farmer views: 'Too much work in sheep for too little reward'
17 July 2024 News
Farmer views: 'Too much work in sheep for too little reward'
Grace Hoare speaks to six IFA sheep committee members to gauge their thoughts on grass growth, sheep prices, wool and other issues.
Premier sale date calendar for lowland sheep breeds
The 2024 show and sales season kicked off on Saturday 13 July with the Vendeén Sheep Society event, with sales following thick and fast over the coming months.
14 July 2024 Pedigree
Northern Ireland sheep kill down over 36,147 head or 15% in 2024
The lower number of sheep slaughtered is being strongly influenced by live exports of sheep running almost 40,000 head higher.
13 July 2024 Northern Ireland
Lamb price cuts must stop - IFA
Price cuts of over 20% or nearly €40/lamb in the space of just a few weeks have been experienced by sheep farmers.
12 July 2024 News
Country’s top pedigree genetics up for grabs
The Coolkellure Belclare flock, possessing elite performing bloodlines, and the Coolkellure Charollais flock, ranked as the highest flock on the Sheep Ireland database are being dispersed on 20 July.
9 July 2024 Pedigree
IFA takes aim at sheep factories for pulling prices
The scale of the price cuts in factories is undermining farmers’ viability and squeezing their margins even more, IFA sheep chair Adrian Gallagher has said.
6 July 2024 News
Ewe numbers fall by 100,000 head in 2023
The number of other sheep on farms on 31 December 2023 also fell sharply, reducing by over 185,000 head or 15% compared to December 2022.
3 July 2024 News
Sheep kill could fall by over 200,000 head in 2024
A 100,000 head reduction in breeding ewe numbers, higher mortality and reduced lamb performance could see sheep throughput plummet in 2024.
3 July 2024 News
Department outlines specifications for proposed Comeragh lamb PGI
The Department has detailed the specifications it wants to apply to a proposed PGI for Comeragh mountain lamb.
24 June 2024 News
UK sheepmeat imports fall by almost 2,000t in April as exports down 1,700t
Higher import and export volumes were underpinned in April by the Easter and Ramadan festivals, with production and demand easing in April.
22 June 2024 News