Ground conditions have deteriorated in northern and western counties over the past week as a result of persistence rain.

Ground trafficability is now a challenge in areas, with reports that some stock has had to be housed in farms on wetter ground.

Rain over Tuesday and Wednesday last accumulated to over 40mm in places and in some cases called for immediate action to protect crops from waterlogging.


Mark McCurdy, Antrim’s From the Tramlines grower, was one of these farmers.

During the past month, over 85mm of rain has fallen on his farm.

Monthly rainfall on Marks farm:

However, on Tuesday and Wednesday, 30mm of rain fell, which resulted in the waterlogging of some of his potato crops.

“On Wednesday, there was about an acre of our potato crop under water,” Mark explains.

Mark had to dig a trench across his potato drills into a nearby ditch in order to drain the flooded crop.

The drills filled up quickly as a result of the heavy rain this week.

“Surprisingly, inside the drill was relatively dry, there was just so much rain that fell over a 24-hour period,” he explains.

As the flooded area was drained quickly, there was no damage done to the growing tubers.

Meanwhile, many southern areas received heavy rain showers over the week, much of which was welcomed.

Read next week's From the Tramlines for a full report on Mark's cropping progress.

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