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On the road to the future of farming with technology steering the way
A growing global population is adding an ever-increasing pressure on to the world’s agriculture industry as it must produce more and faster, all the while with less space, less time and conditions.
CalfChat opinion divided on pros and cons of automatic v manual calf feeding
Farmer opinion is divided on whether automatic or manual feeding is better for calf rearing, with many rearers believing that the management of a system is more important than the method used.
Use of antibiotics at dry off: a changing landscape
The blanket use of antibiotic dry cow therapy (ADCT) will no longer be the norm on Irish dairy farms, from January 2022, due to changes in EU regulations.
Next year’s lactation starts now, so reduce SCC prior to drying off with AHV
The challenge of keeping cell count levels in milk bonus territory without an automated reliance of antibiotics has become significantly easier for John Curtin since he started using the AHV products.
Statistics show that female students grade higher in agricultural science
The founder of the Athena Tracker an academic tracking tool, Emily Brick, looks at trends in agricultural science as a Leaving Cert subject
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