Feed merchants look set to leave ration prices unchanged for June, temporarily halting a run of price increases over the past three months.

This should keep beef grower rations on £335 to £345 for a 16% blend with pelleted feed likely to cost closer to £360/t. Beef finishing rations are at similar levels.

Dairy rations range from £380 to £400/t depending on protein content, but again, blends are significantly cheaper than pelleted feed.

Rolled barley is currently costing £380 to £390/t delivered on farm with maize meal priced around £365 to £370/t.

Soya can be delivered on farm between £480 and £490/t with distillers around £360/t. Beet pulp is trading around £375/t and soya hulls at £325/t.


Nitrogen continues to fall in price with CAN now costing £670 to £680/t, down £50 to £70/t over the last two weeks.

Grassland compounds can be purchased around £640 to £680/t, a drop of £100/t in two weeks. However, merchants continue to report low demand for fertiliser despite prices falling.

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