The report that the EU Hilton beef quota for the first quarter of 2022 was filled in less than two days means that the EU remains an attractive market for steak meat, despite the overall strength of global beef markets.

The Hilton quota is for 67,000t carcase weight of beef imported into the EU annually, at a preferential tariff of 20%

It is allocated quarterly on a country-by-country basis, with over half available to South American countries.

There is also a 45,000t (product weight) tariff-free high-quality beef quota, targeted mainly towards the US, which was allocated 18,500t of this in 2019, increasing to 35,000t after seven years, with the remainder available to Australia, New Zealand, Uruguay, and Argentina.

Canada is also included, but can also supply tariff free under CETA.

Non EU countries without a trade agreement can also export beef to the EU, but outside quota, the tariff rate is high at 12.8% of the product value plus €3.03/kg on volume.