Fly control saves time and money
The arrival of sunshine and silage also heralds the arrival of the fly. In cattle infectious keratoconjunctivitis (pink eye) and dry cow mastitis (DCM) are both spread by flies.
Vet's Corner: a very healthy and different spring
The spring was exceptionally healthy from an infectious disease point of view. However, metabolic diseases were an issue as dry cow management changed because of the good weather.
Watch: five simple steps to stamp out lameness
The summer months should see a reduction in lamness, however, with scald affecting lambs and mechanical lameness in dairy cows it still needs to be watched.
Understanding the risks around lungworm
With a confirmed case of lungworm in the regional veterinary labaratory and also anectodal evidence from farmers and vets about lungworm we look at the options around lungworm control this year