A Northern Ireland food experience

Canadian-born celebrity chef and travel enthusiast Randy Lewis has filmed a series of shows which are titled Randy’s LegenDerry Adventure.

The series will feature the many food and drink places that can be found in Derry. RTÉ will air the show, which runs for four Tuesdays starting 2 November.

The show will see Randy visit Dart Mountain Cheese where he gets to make his own cheese. He also engages in bread making at the White Horse Hotel, as well as cooking a feast at the Lo and Slo BBQ food truck.

A highlight of the show is when Randy explores Lough Foyle and meets fishmonger Brendan Moore, who introduces him to some locally caught seafood.

Of course, drinks are not forgotten and viewers get to explore the Walled City Brewery and Northbound Brewery with Randy. If only you could taste the beer behind the screen!

Randy describes his adventure in the walled city as “feeding the soul and the stomach with history, culture and the best of LegenDerry food”.

Randy’s LegenDerry Adventure can be watched on RTE.ie.

Gluten Free Living Show

The Coeliac Society of Ireland returns with its Gluten Free Living Show virtually from 8 to 12 November and will showcase how to live and thrive on a gluten-free diet.

The show will host cooking demos, dietetic clinics and have fun intermissions such as Zumba sessions.

The show will also host a number of guest speakers who will talk about topics such as ‘Am I Coeliac?’ and ‘Gluten and Skin Disorders’.

As part of the show, the coeliac society will launch Skillnet, an approved training programme and certification for all restaurants and cafes that have gluten-free options on their menus.

In conjunction with the Gluten Free Living Show, the coeliac society will also open the doors to its new office and specialist gluten-free pop-up shop in Clondalkin, Dublin.

To register for the Gluten Free Living Show, visit glutenfreelivingshow.ie.

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