Forestry premium payments to landowners for 2021 have commenced, Minister of State at the Department of Agriculture with responsibility for forestry Senator Pippa Hackett has announced.

This week’s payment run will see just under €30m paid out to 8,300 landowners.

The annual tax-free premiums are worth up to €680 per hectare for 15 years.

“I am delighted to see these payments going out so early in the year,” Minister Hackett said.

“We simply must plant more trees and the size and timeliness of these payments demonstrate the extent to which woodland creation is a profitable and sustainable land use option for farmers and other landowners.

“They are also evidence of my department’s commitment to landowners who undertake it under our planting schemes.”


The Minister said she would encourage all landowners to consider planting more forestry on part of their land to diversify their income.

“Woodland creation is a profitable and sustainable land use option. It gives a guaranteed 15-year annual premium.

“There are a range of options available under the national forestry programme and I would like to see all interested farmers looking at options for their land for 2021 discussing forestry and woodland as options with their agri adviser.”

There will continue to be pay runs each week to eligible landowners.

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