From this month onwards, Glanbia Ireland will offer listings on the GDT Marketplace.

Glanbia Ireland will offer premium UHT milk in Tetra edge aseptic packaging format, in it’s first foray into the GDT.

The GDT Marketplace is a separate platform to the more widely known GDT auction platform.

Ian Cahill, Glanbia Ireland’s regional sales development manager, said: “GDT Marketplace has established itself as an influential online platform since its launch last year, and we look forward to connecting with buyers and offering choices that meet their needs.

“We have appointed Greenfields Ireland – an international dairy trading company with a proven track record in supplying dairy ingredients, specialist milk products and finished dairy products to global customers – to manage all aspects of liaison with buyers relating to the consumer-ready products that Glanbia Ireland offers on GDT Marketplace.”

Two other companies join Glanbia in entering the GDT marketplace; Cayuga Milk Ingredients and Milligans Food Group Ltd.

New demand

Eric Hansen, director of Global Dairy Trade, said GDT Marketplace’s strength in discovering new demand and communicating product range and availability to a global pool of credible buyers was continuing to attract new sellers.

“We are delighted to have Glanbia Ireland, Cayuga Milk Ingredients and Milligans Food Group Ltd join GDT Marketplace this month, expanding the range of products on offer and further enhancing the choices available to our buyers.

“GDT Marketplace acts like a global shop front, connecting buyers and sellers and allowing transactions of any dairy products at any time, with no minimum quantity requirements.”

GDT Marketplace has achieved rapid growth over the past six months and now has 11 registered sellers and 239 registered buyers from the USA, Western Europe, Oceania and Asia.

Cayuga Milk Ingredients will sell skim milk powder (SMP) in UHT packaging and Milligans Food Group Ltd will sell 1kg packaged whole milk powder (WMP) and SMP, and powder blends including 1kg instant calcium-enriched powder and soft-serve ice cream blends.

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