Co Offaly-based Bridgeway Engineering offers both three-point linkage-mounted and trailed spike aerators.

The rotor is fitted with hardened cut and twist blades, which the firm believes results in a better aeration process.

Rotor angle is adjustable through 15°. Blades are designed to penetrate the surface up to 178mm.

Five working widths are available from 1.5m to 6.2m, featuring 24 blades to 96 respectively. Depending on working width, models are either mounted or trailed.

The common 3m machine is fitted with 48 blades and weighs 700kg. The frame is designed so that it can be fitted with ballast weighting. Optional extras are available, such as spring tine bars to remove dead material, broadcast seeders and rollers kits. The 3m model has a starting price of €2,600 plus VAT.


The Ritchie range of aerators are galvanised as standard.

The Ritchie grassland aerator comes in sizes from 1.5m to 3m. All models are three-point linkage-mounted and come complete with a galvanised frame as standard. The central solid shaft has double flange fittings for its blades to be bolted to. The 3m machine has 54 Boron steel blades 260mm long, with a thickness of 12mm. The design of the Ritchie aerator allows for additional weight to be added to the frame if necessary. The 3m model is priced at €3,140 plus VAT.


Fleming offer its spike aerators in sizes ranging from 1.5m to 5m.

Fleming, based in Co Derry, offers a rigid spike aerator 1.5m to 3m in size, as well as larger folding models up to 5m in working width.

The boron blades are mounted in a spiral configuration around the adjustable rotor shaft using a double flange design for quick and easy blade replacement.

Blades measure 250mm x 10mm with the rotor shaft seated to the frame using 45mm heavy duty bearings.

Frames can be either painted or galvanised and are designed to carrying ballast weighting. The 3m unit has an unladen weight of 518kg and is fitted with 48 blades.

All models are fitted as standard with towing eyes for chain harrows. The 3m has a starting price of €3,520 plus VAT.


The Alstrong aerator is available in 2.5m and 3m working widths.

Alstrong offers its bladed roller aerator, designed to break hard pan to a depth of up to 30cm. The drum is fitted with 15mm-thick hardened steel blades designed to penetrate the soil, altering its structure and allowing air into the ground.

There are two trailed models available in 2.5m or 3m working widths. The 2.5m and 3m models have weights of 3.5t and 3.9t respectively, before being filled with water for additional ballast if required. This leaves a maximum operating weight of 5.5t and 5.9t. These trailed units are fitted with heavy-duty bearings and flotation tyres, as well as LED lighting kits as standard. Prices start at €12,000 plus VAT.

Walter Watson

The Walter Watson aerator has a working width of 3m and has 7in blades mounted in a spiral configuration.

Based in Co Down, Walter Watson offers a 3m spiral blade aerator. The roller is similar in design to a standard land roller only with blades fitted to its 36in-diameter barrel in a spiral configuration.

The barrel is held within its frame using a 3in solid axle, complete with nylon bushings either side. The 3m model has a barrel wall thickness of 20mm. Blades are 7in in length and made from Hardox steel.

The barrel is fitted with 7in tapered Hardox blades which are designed to fracture the subsoil or hard pan up to 12in below the surface. The 3m unit weighs 2.75t, or 4.25t if ballasted with water. Models are fitted with 400/60 R15.5 flotation tyres and LED lights as standard. The unit is priced at €10,485 plus VAT.