Weeping or drooping types of tree are much the same. The weeping kinds are more extreme with the whole branch system bent towards ground while drooping types may only have small branches along bigger stems. Some of these species have evolved naturally in drooping shape of twigs as an aid to shedding heavy snow, or others, such as birch, which uses veils of drooping branches to reduce light for competing groundcover plants.

Birch is probably the most popular of weeping trees. Even the basic type species, can grow to over 15 m tall and is popular as a garden tree, but it needs space or it can be too big. The near-surface roots can be tricky as they come up surface of lawns. Besides the normal pendulous kind, there are various weeping plants. One of these, Youngs birch, makes a hay-cock. It is commonly damaged by greenfly in early summer, the pests being secreted within dense, weeping foliage.