The story so far is that Mammy’s second daughter, Jennifer, has moved in with this new boyfriend, Declan. Declan is a bit of hard work and already Himself is boycotting him over a slight about Himself’s coin collection. Mammy is gone to visit the pair in Dublin. Along the way WHO did she bump into? Only the sister of her nemesis, Nuala Costigan. The sister told Mammy a little bit of “what has Nuala the way she is”. Armed with this information, Mammy resolves to give Declan a bit of leeway. But her resolve is soon tested.

They were there at the station. I was glad. I’d be nervous of that Luas with all the stuff you’d see on TV3 about it. Fellas injecting drugs into their howsyourfathers by all accounts. But what in the name of God was Declan wearing? Some sort of an auld tracksuit bottom and a T-shirt with all sorts of skulls and crossbones on them. And Jennifer next to him, immaculately turned out. WHAT does she see in him at all?