“I bought land back in 1994. The farm was completely overgrown and the walls were all knocked, including the boundary walls. My neighbour has put his farm up for sale and it has now come to my attention that there is an acre of my land on his farm that I fenced incorrectly. Over the past 20 years, this plot of land has always shown up on my folio and I am the registered owner of the plot. Also, I have been getting REPS and other payments on this plot of land. Can I take back the land? Can my neighbour sell it or build on it? Can he acquire proper title for it? I am not on speaking terms with my neighbour as he tried to stop me from accessing my own land.”

Before you take any particular course of action in relation to this, you should obtain as much information as possible concerning your title to the land. You should source the original deeds, which hopefully will have a map with dimensions attached, a copy of which can be obtained from the Land Registry.