GoFundMe’s annual giving report for 2022 has revealed that Ireland is the most generous country in the world for the fourth year running.

Ireland gives the highest number of donations on the website per capita. Nearly three quarters of a million donations were made in Ireland in 2022.

The most generous counties this year, based on the number of donations per capita on GoFundMe are Galway, Limerick and Cork.

After Ireland the most generous countries in the world on GoFundMe are the US, UK, Canada and Australia.

The causes supported throughout the year included campaigns for local tragedies, animals, healthcare and the environment.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine saw many fundraisers set up in Ireland and around the world to support those affected by the invasion.

This year thousands of people donated to these campaigns helping those affected and showing their support for the people of Ukraine.

Among the campaigns that received the most donations in Ireland this year are The Immediate Aid to Refugees Fleeing Ukraine and Medical Help Ukraine.