With this settled spell of sunshine and Bord Bia’s Bloom festival taking place this weekend, it’s officially gardening season.

Whether it's tending to your vegetable plot, keeping on top of the watering or gathering around the barbecue, this is the time of year that we spend more time outdoors and less time inside our home.

Sobering as it may be, spending time at the back of the garden, can mean you return inside as the light fades to an unpleasant surprise.

Research and tips

“We know that 71% of Irish homeowners are concerned about a burglary in their home(*), so we want to share tips to help people enjoy their summer, in their gardens, with a sense of ease,” says PhoneWatch managing director Eoin Dunne.

  • Before heading out to the garden, make sure all the doors and windows in your home are securely locked.
  • Ensure that your garden gates and fences are sturdy and in good condition. Check for any weak spots or damage that could be exploited. Consider installing a lock on your gate to prevent unauthorised access.
  • Adequate outdoor lighting is crucial for home security. Install motion-sensor lights around the perimeter of your home and near entry points. These lights will automatically turn on when motion is detected, discouraging anyone from approaching your property unnoticed.
  • Consider installing a security system that includes alarms, surveillance cameras and even smart home integration. These systems can deter potential intruders and provide you with peace of mind. Make sure to display signs or stickers indicating that your home is protected by a security system. Research shows that homes protected by a monitored home alarm from PhoneWatch are four times less likely to be burgled.
  • If you have expensive outdoor equipment or furniture, consider securing them with locks or chains. This makes it more difficult for thieves to quickly snatch and steal your belongings.
  • Ensure that garden sheds and garages are properly locked when you're not using them. These areas often store tools and equipment that can be tempting for thieves.
  • “Remember, maintaining a vigilant and proactive approach to security is key to deterring potential intruders,” reminds Eoin.

    Phonewatch shares tips to stay safe while gardening this summer.

    PhoneWatch has been protecting Irish homes for over 30 years and is proud to be keeping over 118,000 homes and families safe across Ireland.

    If you are Bloom-bound, PhoneWatch will be there, ready to discuss all things home security.

    *Source: Research conducted through Bounce Insights, Nov 2022.

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