In a recent survey conducted by Bounce Insights, half of Irish drinkers are participating in ‘dry January’ this year.

The survey also showed that those aged between 18 and 24 were more likely to take part in dry January and that one in two were planning on reducing their alcohol consumption for 2024.

Whether you are going to cut down on alcohol or just interested in trying some alcohol-free drinks, here are some tasty options to try this year.

Fire & 5th Pineapple Margarita

This cocktail is from Irish business Fire & 5th. The zingy sweetness of pineapple, lime and agave nectar is blended with Fire & 5th original non-original alcoholic spirit to create a refreshing pineapple margarita with a kick of heat.

For serving, it's recommended that you chill, shake and pour 100ml over lots of ice and garnish with a pineapple slice.

Owners of Fire & 5th Mary and Aonghus, say that the Irish Farmers Journal has always been a staple in their home.

Both have a passion for food and drink and saw a big opportunity emerging in the non-alcohol space. As non-drinkers, they felt that existing options weren't meeting their needs in terms of taste and experience.

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Dundalk Bay Brewery and Distillery non-alcohol IPA

Dundalk Bay Brewery and Distillery non-alcohol IPA.

Established in 2015, Dundalk Bay Brewery and Distillery is a 100% Irish-owned, independent company founded by Spectac International. Brewmaster Non-Alcoholic 0.5% is an isotonic drink, made exclusively from natural ingredients.

It includes vitamin B12, B9 and folic acid, while its isotonic properties replenish the body with nutrients. This IPA is only 11 calories and 100% vegan friendly.

The team at Dundalk Bay Brewery and Distillery says this IPA can be paired up with all food types, especially with seafood, chicken, pork, beef and anything spicy.

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Saoirse Non-Alcoholic Gin Alternative

Saoirse Non-Alcoholic Gin Alternative.

This Irish-made non-alcoholic gin alternative may be the perfect option if you would like to enjoy the fresh and floral flavour of traditional gin without any alcohol.

This gin alternative is produced in Monaghan Carrick Mill Distillery. The producers tell Irish Country Living that, for those who enjoy a timeless bramble cocktail, this gin alternative could be the perfect match.

This product can be found at Aldi stores nationwide.

Stonewell 0% Non-Alcoholic Cider

Stonewell 0% Non-Alcoholic Cider.

Stonewell’s 0% Non-Alcoholic Cider is a refreshing alternative produced in Cork for those who are looking to avoid a sweet mocktail or a fizzy rock shandy at a social event.

Traditionally, Stonewell only produced alcoholic beverages. However, after seeing a growing demand, they decided to return to their studies to find the best way to make a non-alcohol cider.

It is made by fermenting their cider using bittersweet apples and then using reverse osmosis to extract the alcohol from the cider.

This leaves a lot of the characteristics created by the fermentation process, but with the added bonus of no alcohol.

At this stage, the cider is still dry, so to finish the drink off, they add a small amount of apple juice which broadens the mouthfeel to bring a fresh fruit aroma.

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Highbank Orchard’s Driver Cider

Highbank Orchard’s Driver Cider.

Another popular zero-alcohol Irish-made cider is Highbank Orchards' 0% Driver’s Cider.

The Driver’s Cider is produced in Kilkenny and is made from organic apples from Highbank Orchards.

The first apple orchards were planted at Highbank by the family in 1969. Now, Highbank Orchards is one of Ireland’s most renowned artisan producers and has expanded its range including apple cider vinegars and organic balsamic cider vinegars.

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Alcohol-free wine by Hollow Leg

Alcohol- free wine by Hollow Leg.

Hollow Leg is a new alcohol-free wine brand owned by Pablo Martínes and Irish co-owners Ronan O’Farrell and Jamie O’Toole.

The three shared the same vision: to create a range of quality wines with “everything but alcohol” for those who truly treasure good wine, vibrant socialising and the following morning in equal measure.

Hollow Leg is created by using high-quality organic ingredients and the grapes used are de-alcoholised gently to preserve as much structure as possible.

The unique production method uses natural residuals from the winemaking process and avoids the use of additives or high levels of sugar.

You can shop from Hollow Leg directly through their website and Dunnes Stores nationwide.

Want to learn more about creating alcohol-free drinks?

Majken Bech-Bailey won over the country's critics with her non-alcoholic drinks pairings during her tenure at the Michelin-Star restaurant Aimsir.

She is now bringing her talent and knowledge to Neighbourhood, Naas, with a series of intimate masterclasses on 13, 14, 20 and 21 January from 1pm to 3pm.

Majken will showcase various skills and techniques that are needed to create delicious non-alcoholic drinks at home, using fresh and seasonal Irish ingredients. Everything from garnishes to glassware will be covered.

Majken’s husband, chef Jordan Bailey, will be creating some delicious bites on the day to enhance each of her crafted beverages.

These masterclasses will take place in Neighbourhood’s new second floor - a stylish bar with drinks menu curated by Kevin Hegarty, which opened on 29 December.

Tickets are limited and cost €75 per person. Visit

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