The reference costs for calf rearing equipment under TAMS have remained unchanged from those set in the Calf Welfare Scheme.

Computerised calf feeders and mart carts with mixers were announced as eligible investment items under TAMS when tranche 21 opened midway through January.

The items had previously been made available under the Calf Welfare Scheme that was rolled out at the start of 2020 with €4m in funding.


Updated reference costs for all TAMS items published by the Department of Agriculture show the two items remain unchanged.

Computerised calf feeders are costed at €7,540.60 plus €1,534.80 per feed station. Milk carts with mixers have a reference cost of €185.53 plus €6.55 per litre of capacity.

This will leave a typical four-station calf feeder costed at €13,680 and a price tag of €1,300 for a 170l milk cart.

GPS equipment

All farmers are eligible for grant aid on GPS equipment under the latest tranche. These items had previously been reserved for tillage farmers.

A trailed fertiliser spreader with full GPS control is guided at €67,500. One that is fully GPS ready has a reference cost of €64,000.

A mounted fertiliser with full GPS control has a reference cost of €17,600 plus €1.06 per litre of capacity. One that is fully GPS ready will be guided slightly lower at €14,100 plus €1.06 per litre.

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