On our first webinar back in March, Darren Carty spoke to Tullamore Farm manager Shaun Diver about the sheep system on Tullamore, how lambing 2021 was going and the future direction of the sheep flock on Tullamore farm.

Shaun outlined how lambing was being managed including some tips on making sure young lambs mother up well with ewes.


Breeding was the topic of our second webinar held in early April. In this webinar, we discussed everything in relation to breeding on Tullamore Farm.

The herd is now in the top 2% in the country on the replacement index.

Adam Woods and Shaun Diver talked about how they select AI bulls to use in the herd and also take a look at the fertility performance in the herd over the last few years. The 2021 breeding plan was discussed including some important dates and tasks along the way.

Sucklers and grassland management

The third webinar looked at grassland management on the farm, along with soil fertility.

Grass is central to the farm and everything on the farm is focused along grazing season – grazing good-quality grass to maximise liveweight gains.

The farm has been working to build soil fertility levels since 2017 and we talked to Siobhan Walsh about how we are doing that.

This episode also focused on environmental aspects on the farm and what changes are being made on the farm to make sure the farm is going above and beyond its obligations in terms of the environment.

Next steps and finance

The final episode took a look at the 2020 accounts of Tullamore Farm and the financial analysis.

We compared the beef and sheep system in terms of financial performance and also took a look at some options for the farm in the future. We discussed the implications of some of these options with Dr Paul Crosson of Teagasc Grange, Co Meath.