Some 83% of adults think the cost of groceries in Ireland has become unacceptably high, according to a survey conducted by iReach Insights.

The survey found that 60% of consumers are worried about not being able to afford groceries if these 'unacceptably high' prices continue to increase.

Grocery price inflation has continued to impact pockets, with 96% of the consumers surveyed stating that their grocery costs have risen over the last month.

Average spend increase

As of the end of June, the average amount spent by Irish adults on groceries is €125 per week and 47% of these think this cost has increased by 11%-20% over the last month.

48% of adults told the survey that they have been put under financial pressure due to the increasing cost of groceries.

Some 37% of adults reported seeing a 21%-40% increase in the cost of meat and seafood, while 28% have seen a 21%-40% increase in dairy grocery products.

The survey questions to inform the data on grocery prices were included in the nationally representative iReach consumer decisions omnibus, run between 23 and 30 June. The results have a 3% confidence interval and 95% confidence level.