Strautmann showcased its new Magnon 11 forage wagon at Agritechnica, which is essentially a shorter chop version of its Magnon 10, which was launched back in 2019.

The Magnon 10 has 48 knives that offer a 35mm chop, while the new 11 has 84 knives that theoretically offer a much shorter chop length of 22mm.

Strautmann says the demand for a shorter chop length is coming from dairy farmers, who want to better compact the forage in the silage pit.

Aside from the chopping system and a minor pickup change, the 10 and 11 are largely the same.

Across the range, an oil-bath gearbox with integrated planetary set powers the rotor.

To facilitate the additional chopping, the driveline has been slightly beefed up, and is now rated for 3,000Nm of torque (2,200Nm on Magnon 10).

The Magnon 11 features an updated pickup. It doesn’t use a full band, but instead has scrapers at the rear to guide the material which is passed on by the plastic tines.

This helps to greatly speed up tine replacement. The short chop version will be available in 2025.