At a recent Claas press event in Bad Saulgau, Germany, home to the production of the brand's forage equipment and the largest grassland region within Germany, Claas presented seven new Disco mower combinations.

The new Disco 9300 C has a working width of 9.1m.

The Disco lineup now offers 15 different models with working widths from 8.3m to 10.7m.

New models include the Disco 8500 Trend, Disco 9300 Comfort, with either steel tine (C) conditioners or roller conditioners (RC), Disco 1100 Comfort non-conditioner and the Disco 9300 Direct Swather.

As part of the new generation of Claas mowers, all are fitted with dark grey canopies as opposed to traditional white.

All the proven Claas features - such as its low-speed drive concept (850rpm) and active float cab actuated ground pressure adjustment system - remain common across the newcomers.

Also fitted to all new models is a Hardox reinforced conditioner plate for better resistance against stone chips.

Disco 8500 Trend

Designed for those wanting to upgrade from a front and rear side-mounted combination without going too big, the new 8500 Trend models offer just the solution.

All new Disco models are fitted with a dark grey canopies as opposed to the traditional white colour.

Available with either a C or RC, this basic 8.3m combination has been designed to have a low overall weight for use with mid-frame tractors from 160hp.

Keeping things simple, the Disco 8500 is operated via two spool valves with pre-selection on the Cemis 10 control terminal and is manually protected using a mechanical breakback protection system.

The Disco 8500 Trend is an entry level butterfly combination offering an 8.3m working width.

Roller conditioner models can also now be optioned with a double roller drive, an option first introduced on the Disco 9700 RC in 2023.

Disco 9300 Direct Swather

With the influx in wholecrop cereals and delicate forage legumes such as clover, which are not best suited to steel tine conditioners due to head loss and crop damage, Claas becomes the latest manufacturer to offer a non-conditioner mower combination with a grouping option.

The Disco 9300 Direct Swather (DS) model uses an auger system to conveyor the crop into a central swath. Crop can also be laid out behind just one or both mower beds for a full spreading width by just raising the rear hoods.

The new Disco 9300 Direct Swather uses an auger system to conveyor crop into a central swath.

No strangers to building augers, Claas has chosen a tapered auger, whereby the flights double in height between the outer and inside ends of each bed.

This is to accommodate the volume of forage accumulated across the width of each mower bed.

A shear bar type design at the auger outlet is designed to prevent blockages.

A shear bar type design at the auger outlet is designed to prevent blockages.

Each auger is driven from the outer end, which sees the drive shaft on each mower pass through the central pivot support arm to a belt and pulley drive which powers the auger.

The 9.1m Disco 9300 DS has a 180hp-plus power requirement and can be operated via Isobus or using the Cemis 700 or 1200 terminals.

Side shift and more comfort features for Disco 9300

Replacing the popular Disco 9200 are the 9300 models, which now feature a number of new features and updates. For diehard conditioner users still requiring belt mergers, Claas has introduced the 9300 C Auto Swather (AS).

The drive to the augers passes through the support arm for the central pivot.

Essentially, this new 9.1m combination benefits from the high level of specification previously only offered on the side-shifting 9700C AS.

The Disco 1100 Comfort non-conditioner mower offers a 10.8m cutting width.

Therefore, an automatic side-shifting function can now seamlessly adjust working width/overlap, as well as automatic slope control, which regulates individual belt speed and ground pressure when working on slopes to ensure optimum swath formation while minimising drift.

The Auto Swather units have also been upgraded, now with reduced running noise, lower overall weight and four lower supports for improved stability in heavy crops.

Their centre of gravity has also been improved when folded and not in use.

Revised link linkage geometry and a new stand design improves the attachment and removal of the unit. A suite of Isobus comfort functions and user aids such as slope control have been integrated.

Claas has also introduced a non-conditioner version of its Disco 1100 for certain markets. The new 1100 has a telescopic width adjustment from 9.6m to 10.8m. Despite having two 3.8m beds, the unit folds below 4m for transport.