Schaffer’s popular 8620 T and 9640 T models have entered their third generation and now benefit from a brand-new cab and redesigned bonnet.

The all-new Comfort Plus cab, fitted on the 8620 T-3 and 9640 T-3, offers 8% more volume and improved accessibility over the current cab.

Visibility has been improved too, thanks to the larger windscreen and a new rear-sloping bonnet.

Integral to the new cabin is the 10-inch touchscreen terminal and rubber membraned control panel, positioned on the right-hand corner pillar. Other features include a new control arm and joystick.

A new release mechanism and doorhandle makes it easier to close the door from its fully opened position when seated. Other standard features include: new LED lights, split-wing mirrors, USB ports and phone-holder.

The new cab benefits from a new 10-inch touchscreen terminal and a new control arm/joystick.

While performance and capacities go unchanged, a number of new features, including an automatic bucket shake function, third-service oil regulation, upper and lower bucket limits, etc, have been added and can be easily selected through the terminal.

The 8620 T-3 is rated to lift 4.2t to a height of 5.20m, while the 9640 T-3 has maximum capacities of 4.2t and 5.4m. Production is set to begin during the second quarter of 2024.

The bevelled edges on the new bonnet greatly improve visibility to the rear of the machine.