McHale launches ProPel tedder range

McHale showcased its new ProPel tedder range at the Ploughing this week. The range will consist of two models to begin, with more models to follow. The first is the ProPel M6-770, which is a six-rotor mounted machine with a working width of 7.7m (25’3”). The second is the ProPel T8-1020, which is an eight-rotor trailed unit with a working width of 10.2m (33’ 6”).

The mounted machine comes with a central pivoting point, which connects the headstock to the chassis for effective re-centring on slopes. The trailed T8 tedder is coupled to the tractor by a two-point linkage headstock.

An overload clutch protects the heavy-duty driveline, while all pivoting points are incorporated in the cast housing. The range is fitted with 1.54m (61”) diameter rotors that is equipped with seven tine arms, which McHale opted to fit with double-hooked tines.

The firm says these large circumference rotors are designed to operate at relatively low revolutions, to offer more time for the crop to be lifted and released by the hook tines. The angle and height of the rotors can be adjusted. Crop deflection plates alleviate potential blockages.

When tedding headlands, the unit comes with the option of a hydraulically folding curtain. Prices start from €17,000, plus VAT.

Erth Engineering debut new toolbar

Erth Engineering unveiled a new toolbar at this year’s Ploughing.

The Co Down-based manufacturer says it is designed for low-disturbance aeration in front of a trailed combination drill.

The new unit is available in 4m and 6m versions. The 4m version features a tidy telescopic design, and has a 3m transport width. Meanwhile, the 6m comes as a folding model.

Features include hydraulic depth control wheels, hydraulic auto reset of the legs with a pressure control system, load-sensing disc openers and a headland management system, which enables the operator to lift the pan-buster whilst maintaining drill setting once approaching the headland. Erth says it has a low power requirement due to the design of the legs. The 4m unit weighs in at 1,700kg.

Prices for the 4m unit start from €23,500, plus VAT.

Teagle updates Tomahawk range with two new models

Teagle’s new 8200 Tomahawk straw blower/silage feeder made its Irish debut at the Ploughing this week. This is part of a new two-model range that replaces the outgoing popular mounted 7100 and trailed 8100 machines. The second model in the range is an 8250, which adds a further straw processing element.

The new-look two-model range use a combination of bed chains and a crossbeater to break up silage and straw before discharging it to bed cattle or distribute silage.

Both models are built around a monocoque chassis, with both also available in mounted or trailed versions. The biggest improvement is the new ‘synchro’ system, which works through Teagle’s wireless Bluetooth controls. This matches bed chain speed to the position of the bale restraint.

It also allows the operator to pause/resume the flow of material at the touch of a button, adjust bale restraint position and offers a loading setting to prevent contact between the bale and the crossbeater on startup.

Teagle says the 8250 Dual Chop design for processing short material has been substantially updated with a 40% increase in the speed of the chopping system. The blade beam can also be disengaged to allow material to be spread without chopping.

The bale chamber can accommodate either one 2m round bale or two 1.5m rounds, or squares up to 2.8m long. The bales can be self-loaded. Teagle claim that a blowing distance of up to 20m is possible due to wider fan paddles. Meanwhile, Hardox is now standard on the chute to minimise wear. Prices start from €21,000 plus VAT.

Applied Concepts unveils new model PTO-powered compressor

Applied Concepts has extended its PTO compressor offering with the launch of the Varimount 120. Built upon the same features and functions as the larger Varimount 350, which was first launched at the Ploughing five years ago, Applied says the new model offers a guaranteed output of 120 CFM.

The manufacturer says the new Varimount 120 is ideally suited to a range of agricultural, commercial, construction, and industrial applications, like blowing down equipment or powering a blasting machine.

Like the Varimount 350, the Varimount 120 can be mounted on to the rear or front linkage of any tractor. Applied says that the unit has gone through over one thousand hours of field testing. With an operating weight of 660kg, the unit has a requirement of 65hp and is priced at €9,500, plus VAT.

Hustler debuts EzFeed silage feeder

For the first time in Ireland, Hustler UK showcased the firms EzFeed silage feed-out wagon. Manufactured in New Zealand, the unit is designed to distribute pit silage and depending on its specification, can be used to feed round bales of silage, hay and straw, etc. But it’s not to be confused with a diet feeder, it distributes rather than mixes. The manufacturer has a limited number of units already working in Ireland. A total of five models are available, ranging from 11m³ to 21m³ (loose load), with this one being an SM 130, which is a 13m³ model.

With a twin feed system, it can feed out to the left- or right-hand side of the machine. It comes with an electric in-cab controller option for on-the-fly feed direction change and hydraulic side-shift of the feed-out conveyer. One of the key design features is its 100% roller-chain design

Optionally, users can opt for the Feedlink Scales and Feed Management System. This wireless scale system shows the operator the basics, such as a live weight reading. Or it can be taken one step further. Users can pre-programme their daily feeding routine, and receive reports to track feed proof-of-placement, operator performance and insights into over or underfeeding. It’s priced in the region of €50,000, plus VAT.

Abbey adds variable speed gearbox option to diet feeder range

After rigorous testing, well-known slurry and feeding equipment manufacturer Abbey Machinery has introduced a variable speed gearbox option to its comprehensive range of diet feeders.

First seen by the general public this week on the firm’s VF2850 at the Ploughing, the new gearbox allows lower horsepower tractors to be considered with large feeders. Abbey says this brings about potential fuel savings and the opportunity to reduce maintenance costs.

Through the use of smart sensors and the weigh cells, the machine determines the power required to mix and distribute the load, and thus adjusts the ratios in the gearbox accordingly.

The idea behind this is to be able to run the machine with less RPM when it’s not required, meaning less fuel is being burnt, it’s easier on the tractor’s backend and it’s easier on the feeder’s driveline.

Keeping prices close to its chest, Abbey said the unit is most suitable to its larger machines, with buyers seeing a return on investment of five to six years. Abbey has also introduced some updates to its Plus range of diet feeders as standard, including 22mm augers, a new clock, a fully galvanised viewing platform, a new style feed out arm, rounded mudguards, wider tray for minimum spillage and door wedges for an even feed out.

Egmont debut Samasz merger

Cork-based machinery importer and dealer Egmont Agri showcased Samasz’s merger concept at the Ploughing. The newly developed MRG 2-900 merger was only unveiled by the Polish manufacturer earlier this summer. Egmont Agri has carried out a share of demonstrations and ran it in its own contracting fleet, with very good feedback to-date.

It features a proprietary cam pick-up, designed to pick-up of any type of crop. A cushioned catch roller is designed to offer a smooth flow of material, and is adjustable relative to the pick-up.

Hydro-pneumatic suspension reduces the pressure of the machine on the ground. The merger has its own hydraulic and cooling system, with the tractor’s hydraulics only used to fold the machines and adjust the working position. The belt conveyor on the Samasz merger allows the forage to be transported in the direction chosen by the operator, whether this be to the centre, left or right of the machine. Depending on the use, it has a working width of up to 10.6m. The hitch allows a turning circle of 90°. The merger is equipped with a seven-inch clear control panel. All functions can be operated from the tractor cab. The proprietary hydraulic drive for conveyors and pick-ups makes it easier on the tractor. Prices are yet to be confirmed, but it will be coming in the region of €90,000, plus VAT.

Clarke Engineering expands grass harrow range

Mayo-based manufacturer Clarke Engineering added two new sizes of grass harrows to its growing range at this week’s Ploughing.

Headed up by young engineer Michael Clarke, it added a new 1.5m trailed and a 9m mounted harrow. Named the HD 9000, the unit comes fully galvanised and is equipped with 360, 8mm tines. Weighing in at 1,000kg, it features six height-adjusting wheels at the front and three adjustable frame sections. All the firm’s harrows come with mounting plates for both APV and Ag Stock seeders.

The two new models bring the offering to five models. The 9m unit is priced at €9,400, plus VAT.