AGCO, the parent company of AGCO Power, has committed a €70m investment in its Linnavuori plant in Nokia, Finland, to help accelerate development of clean energy solutions.

The investment will allow the building of a clean energy laboratory for testing the combustion engines running on alternative fuels, as well as a range of electric solutions, such as hybrids, fuel cells and high-voltage battery technology.

The proposed 11,000m2 facility will be completed throughout 2024 and 2025 and will include a new production hall for machining cylinder heads and manufacturing components for continuously variable transmissions (CVT).

It will also mark home to a new paint shop and testing area for remanufactured engines. A new staff training facility and visitor centre will be included as part of the build.

The investment will also allow the manufacturer to further grow its engine remanufacturing capabilities, a process it first introduced in 1990.

Increased output

The AGCO Power Linnavuori plant employs about 1,000 people, which is expected to grow as a result of the investment.

The production output of CVT components is expected to double by centralising and expanding the transmission components’ manufacturing operations.

The €70m investment will include a clean energy laboratory, new production hall and new training and visitor centre, as well as an extension to the engine remanufacturing facility.

“Currently, we produce approximately one million gear wheels and axles annually, but this number is expected to double after the investments,” said AGCO Power managing director Juha Tervala.

The new production hall will also house a new machining line with a high degree of automation for manufacturing the cylinder heads of Ago Power's latest CORE engines.