Currently offered in two versions, the RB 344F Rotor Feeder and the 15 knife RB 344R Rotor Cutter fixed chamber balers from Case IH have recently received a number of updates.

The most obvious change is the modern wide opening plastic side panels which incorporate a metal frame, top hinge and gas strut supports.

Rubber bumpers on both sides of the chamber doors frame ensure that it closes smoothly and quietly, while the wiring harness now runs inside the bull bar and front lights have been repositioned for a robust, professional appearance.

More importantly, changes have been made underneath. The stripper roll, bale chamber, floor roll and pick-up, for example, are now driven by higher-quality drive chains with chromised pins and hardened plates that have a longer life cycle and reduce maintenance costs. The bearings which support the main drive, stripper roll, and drive side rotor have also been upgraded with seals that prevent dust contamination.

Now optionally available is a hydraulic rotor reverser for the Rotor Feeder model. This uses a free-run clutch which allows the operator to quickly and easily reverse the rotor to clear a blockage without leaving the cab.