Following the announcement earlier in the year that John Deere had launched its new S7 range of rotary combines to replace the current S700 series, the T series straw walker machines are now the latest to be refreshed for 2025.

John Deere has introduced four T5 five walker and four T6 six-walker combine models to replace the current T500 and T600 models.

Having gone relatively unchanged in years, John Deere has now modernised its range of straw walker machines, not only in terms of its design livery and model numbering, but to include a number of new features.

The largest of those is the new cab, adopted from the flagship X9, bringing with it the integration of additional electronics and enhanced precision farming capabilities.

Like on X9 and new S7 models, the new cab offers 3.68m3 of space and is pressurised to prevent debris from entering.

The new CommandPro joystick and G5 Plus CommandCenter 12.8in displays also form part of the updated user environment.

All machines are GreenStar ready, requiring just the integrated StarFire 7500 receiver and G5 display in order to get up and running. These latest updates further enhance the use of features such as AutoPath, Machine Sync and Grain Sensing, all which can be displayed on an extended G5 monitor.

The flagship six-walker T6 800 model is fitted with a 466hp engine and 13,500l grain tank.

Ground speed automation is another feature available, which continuously evaluates inputs and helps to maintain a consistent feed rate by adjusting the combine’s ground speed based on variables such as grain loss and engine power etc.

An optional ActiveSeat II is available, offering fully adjustable electronic controls, all round cooling and electronic suspension.

With higher dependence on technology, the cab features 10 12v and USB charging ports and an improved infotainment system, which supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Outside the cab, the grain tank design has been tweaked on both ranges, offering up to 15% more capacity on the T5 at 11,500 litres and 23% on the T6 models to 13,500 litres.

The unloading auger has a maximum unload speed of 150l/second via the adjustable spout.

Tweaks have been also made within the engine department. Starting with the entry-level T5 400, it is fitted with the 305hp 6.8l Deere PowerTech engine. Thereafter, all models are equipped with the JD9X nine-litre engine ranging in outputs from 348hp in the T5 500 to 466hp in the T6 800 model.

The cab from the X9 series has now been passed down to the new T5 and T6 models.

All other information remains quite limited for the time being. However, a press event is due to be held later in the summer at which point we hope to find out more.