John Deere have revised its 8000 and 9000 series forage harvesters for 2023.

A new Kemper chainless pickup has been added alongside other tech-related features.

Aside from a facelift, the 8100, 8200 and 8300 models have received a boost in horsepower.

The 9l engine fitted in the 8100 now produces a maximum 431hp. The 8200 receives the larger 13.5l engine and therefore sees its horsepower increase from 431hp to 465hp, a 34hp increase. Finally for the 8000 series, the 8300 now produces 505hp instead of the previous 490hp.

The Dura Line Kernel Processor for both ranges has received a new coating, developed for highly stressed components, with claims of lower operating costs and a longer service life.

9000 series

Like the 9500 and 9600 forage harvesters, the 9700 model now also gets the 18l JD18X engine, replacing the previous 759hp 24.2l V12 Liebherr lump. The new Deere built engine does not require Adblue, similar to Deere powered 9500 and 9600 models. Stage V emissions are instead met by EGR cooling only.

The new 9700 also receives a power boost now delivering 825hp. It introduces HarvestMotion Plus which provides increased torque and power at lower engine speeds.

All 9000 series are now equipped with the newly designed spout with improved contours and is 20cm longer than before, with more opening facilities for maintenance.

New pickup

Kemper has developed a new 2.7m 30R Grass Pickup for higher throughput. It features a large 80cm diameter auger, deep 20cm auger flights and six tine bars with 6.5 mm tines. The 30R has a chainless drive and heavy-duty wear parts.

Also new is AutoSetup. If equipped with a JDLink modem, data can be exchanged wirelessly with the John Deere Operations Center.

This allows workflows to be set up, planned and monitored in a single online portal.

Using John Deere AutoSetup, it is then possible to send this information to forage harvesters directly in the field.