The new features of Fendt's newly updated self-propelled Rogator sprayers will have improved boom stability, electro-pneumatic nozzle bodies and a new system to shorten cleaning times.

These features will be available on all Rogator models; 645, 655 and 665, with boom widths from 24m to 39m.

According to Fendt, the redesigned plumbing system includes a separate clean water pump, allowing a new ContiRinse system to cut overall tank cleaning times after spraying.

The manufacturer explains that the system works on two adjustable liquid volume thresholds, with the first initiating cleaning of plumbing lines that contain chemical residues while the operator continues spraying. The second threshold is close to the end of the tank load and activates the full cleaning process as the tank empties.

Electro-pneumatic nozzle bodies

All Rogator models are now fitted with new Altek electro-pneumatic nozzle bodies as standard, which replace the fully electric Arag versions.

Fendt say these are compatible with its OptiNozzle automatic nozzle selection system, but also with a single line Hypro five-way rotary, an Altek twin-line, and an Altek quad-line setup. The valves on the Rogator are now supplied by Banjo.

Switching between different chemicals is now quicker thanks to Fendt’s ContiRinse system, which begins the rinsing cycle during spraying.

“The changes to our spray systems will increase longevity and reliability of the machines. The new nozzle bodies don’t have diaphragms and feature no dead volume areas, so liquid or chemical residues can’t sit inside the bodies after use. The electro-pneumatic design also provides increased reliability compared with our old units," explained Sam Treadgold from Fendt.

Fendt also says that boom stability has been improved with six OptiSonic height sensors, which was previously four.

With this, the manufacturer aims to keep the booms automatically adjusted in uneven crops to increase application accuracy.

The central sensor has been repositioned away from the rear axle to keep it free from debris.


In the VisioCab, the Rogator now gets the option of a fridge. It features an improved hands-free system with a centrally located gooseneck microphone, while stronger mirror mounts reduce vibrations on rough terrain.