Ireland has a long history in intensive grass-based farming and so is an ideal location for developing high-quality grass harvesting machinery.


ProCut range

The Malone Grassline product range is aimed at optimising the volume and quality of forage while reducing the cost of fuel, time and labour.

The ProCut disc mower range produces an excellent cut.

The geometry of the mower suspension allows for excellent ground contour following capability. Power is effectively transmitted to the cutter bar by the multiband belt.

When designing grassland machinery, Malone aims to maximise efficiency and productivity rates while maintaining quality, making Malone machinery the best choice for the farmer and contractor alike.

Tedd-air range

The Malone Tedd-air rotary tedder range enables the farmer and contractor to increase the dry matter content in your crops quickly by speeding up the drying process.

The Malone Tedd-air range has a double hook-tine design, which enables the user to obtain more capacity while ensuring the forage remains free from soil contamination.

The Tedd-air 570 and the Tedd-air 840 are specially designed for forage tedding and spreading by means of rotating spring tines (double hook tines) attached to rotors.

Forward angled rotors allow the spring tines to gently collect, turn and lay the forage behind the machine.

Airing and even tedding accelerates the drying process. The need for extended drying time and dependency on spells of good weather is reduced to preserve valuable dry matter digestibility (DMD).

The Malone Tedd-air features full mechanical headland management and easily adjustable height function.

A unique closed-circuit hydraulic stabilisation system allows steering, reduces wear, movement and pressure on both tedder and tractor.

Safety is ensured on sloping terrain thanks to a special locking mechanism that locks down the tedder and prevents movement and sway as soon as it is raised.

Additionally, an advanced brace system ensures safe transportation. The Tedd-air machines also come complete with a spare wheel and light kit.


The Logsplitter is a tried and tested model that has stood the test of time - the design has not been altered since the first batch was made in 1999.

A durable and productive machine that can split the toughest of knots in firewood has been a best seller ever since.

The two-hand operation and wide and stable base make it a very safe machine to operate and makes quick and easy work of splitting logs and firewood.

The Side Tilt Post Driver features forward, backward, left and right tilting mechanisms to allow you to place strainers and posts even on uneven ground, ideal for hills or flat ground alike.

The post driver features an easy-to-operate three-lever mechanism - one for the top link, one for the side tilt and one for the hammer.

The superior steel rope is long lasting and durable compared with nylon alternatives. A best seller since 1999.

The ProCut 2000 Pasture Topper is ideal for topping pasture land.

The floating A-frame allows a clean cut every time and heavy-duty blades easily tackle growth up to 30mm in diameter.

The heavy-duty box construction makes the Malone Topper a popular choice.

When designing agricultural machinery, Malone aims to maximise efficiency and productivity while maintaining quality, making Malone machinery the best choice for farmers and contractors alike.