Australia - lamb output increases

Australian lamb slaughter for Q3 2022 was 547,660 head and while production was down 1% for the quarter, it is 8% higher year on year.

USA - more milk produced

Milk production in the 24 top-producing states was 18.1bn pounds ( 792m litres) in October, a 1.4% increase on October 2021. Cow numbers were 8.93m head, 42,000 more than October last year.

Argentina - weather affects planting

Reports show soya bean planting in Argentina is behind normal levels due to dry conditions. Drought has already led to estimates of the wheat crop being back 40% on last year.

UK - Danish Crown invests £100m in new factory

Danish Crown has announced the building of a new 30,500 square metre factory in Manchester that will employ 300 people and produce 900t of bacon and gammon per week.