Minister for Agriculture Michael Creed has thanked Irish farmers, fishers and food processing companies who put food on the country’s tables every day.

“At a time of significant challenge for our nation, I want to take a moment to pay tribute to the men and women who work so hard to put food on our tables every day.

“In Ireland, we can tend to take the high-quality food that Irish farmers, fishers and food processing companies make available to us for granted.

“Faced with this global public health crisis however, it becomes clear how important our food production system is to our everyday lives and our wellbeing.

“Food production is a critical part of the national infrastructure that will help to keep our citizens safe and well throughout this difficult period. The work that people in the food sector do is critically important,” Minister Creed said.

Concerns and vulnerabilities

Minister Creed said farmers, fishers and those who work in processing, retail and distribution have the same concerns, vulnerabilities and caring duties as other citizens, but their contribution to the national interest is particularly important at this time.

“Of course, the work they do is made possible by staff in my Department and its agencies, who dedicate themselves to ensuring our food is safe and of the highest quality.

“At a time when there are significant restrictions in daily life, it is important to record our gratitude to those whose continuing work ensures that the people of Ireland can continue to rely on the quality and safety of Irish food,” he said.

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