“I submitted a TAMS III application, which was delayed by four months which in turn delayed my project. I had a tank installed two weeks and I heard about [the] change of mind on [the] VAT claim on bulk tanks. Whatever about the decision but to do it with no notice is nonsensical.

“No other company would stand for it. These VAT returns would be budgeted by farmers and after an extremely tough year on all fronts, weather, milk yield, milk price, banding, derogation this is another shot in the arm for dairy farmers.”

– Eoin McDonald, Wexford

“I am disgusted that out political parties have washed their hands of this – they are the legislators so Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael and the Greens can correct this.

“I had prudently invested in my business (based on others getting VAT rebates and speaking to my discussion group) to suddenly to find out I’m losing out on over €10,000 without any warning – how is that fair?

“How do I tell my family we are under cashflow pressure now?”

– Patrick Ryan, Tipperary

“I have been badly affected by the change in the new rules. I have cancelled an order for a new bulk tank, I had ordered a heat exchanger as part of the deal.

“Also, I can’t reclaim the vat on the calf feeder that I purchased. I still need a bulk tank. I just can’t understand how they can get away with this. There is no way that multinationals would tolerate this sort of interpretation of the rules. If we were to be as vague as this with them in terms of the 13.5% corporation tax, it would have huge impact on foreign direct investment.”

– Anonymous farmer

“This is completely unreasonable from Revenue, at a time when we as farmers have been asked to deal with more and more red tape. It is unprecedented in any other industry to change the goalposts so often and with such little warning. TAMS grants are in place to ensure farmers can improve their business to benefit the quality and product value for consumers.

“It is often forgotten that EU CAP funding is designed to keep food prices low for consumers. The public view of this is often misguided into thinking farmers get handouts.”

– Damien Bergin, Laois