Recent updates to specification on cladding mean that certain clear sheeting can be used throughout an entire roof.

Special translucent sheeting has been developed by some companies in recent years that operate in a similar manner to clear roof light sheeting, with the strength and thermal properties of traditional metal or cement fibre sheeting.

It is permitted for translucent roof cladding to be erected without the use of safety grids if the material is used for the entire roof area of the building.

If there is a mix of the translucent roof cladding and either metal cladding or fibre cement cladding on the roof of the building or physically adjoining buildings, it is a requirement that safety grids be installed under the translucent roof cladding.


Marlon CST Heat Guard sheeting is the only approved translucent sheeting listed by the Department, with the manufacturer being Brett Martin.

Timber purlins should be used, as per Department guidelines, at 1.2m max spacing.

Readers are reminded that the Department operates a no stamp-no grant policy, whereby every sheet of cladding material must have an identifiable indelible stamp.