Irish forestry company Veon Ltd has announced funding of a new annual excellence in forest management scholarship in association with South East Technological University (SETU).

“The scholarship is designed to foster academic and professional excellence, and will be awarded to a third-year forestry under-graduate studying at SETU in Waterford,” said Paul Brosnan, managing director, Veon.

Tom Kent, programme leader of the BSc in Forestry at SETU, welcomed “Veon’s valuable and worthwhile opportunity” to undergraduate forestry students in Waterford.

“It is a vote of recognition and confidence in our students and the high level of academic excellence that our faculty in SETU provides for the Irish forest industry,” he said.

“This scholarship also signals to forestry students the career benefit in continuing their studies to gain the one-year top-up Level 8 BSc in land management in forestry, and also demonstrates the high demand for qualified graduates in the expanding forestry sector.”