Having paid a leading milk price over the last four months, it is no surprise that Tirlán/Fivemiletown is out in front across our analysis of prices paid to one million-litre suppliers.

February is the fourth consecutive month that all processors in NI opted to increase their respective base milk prices, leaving the average at 34.98p/l for February, which is the highest it has been for 12 months.

Shown in Table B are the prices paid to a one million-litre supplier by each processor in February, with the parameters used to calculate the relevant prices for high, average or low solids milk outlined in Table 1 on the opposite page.

At high solids milk, prices averaged 37.97p/l for February, up 0.8p/l from January with Tirlán/Fivemiletown the only processor to pay above 40p/l at the outlined milk quality.

Dale Farm is unchanged in second place, but trails Tirlán by 3.7p/l with Strathroy moving up one place to third on 37.6p/l.

Leprino Foods and Lakeland Dairies both gain one place to finish fourth and fifth, respectively, with Aurivo dropping from third to last for February.

Average solids

At average solids, the price paid across all processors stands at 37.19p/l, up from 36.39p/l in January with Tirlán again topping the table.

The biggest positional gain comes from Dale Farm, moving up two places to finish second, while Strathroy is unchanged in third.

In the bottom half of the table, Leprino and Lakeland both move up one place to fourth and fifth, respectively, with Aurivo dropping four places to the bottom of the February league.

Having dominated the monthly analysis for February, it means Tirlán remains top of the rolling 12 month price analysis for high solids, with no positional changes from the previous league.

For milk at average solids, Tirlán has moved ahead of Dale Farm to lead the table, having paid 35.02p/l over the last 12 months.

Dale Farm is second on 34.96p/l with the rest of the table unchanged from the previous month. Strathroy remains out in front in our analysis of low solids milk.

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