The mart trade for cull cows goes from strength to strength, with prices for top-quality suckler-bred animals edging closer to 300p/kg.

Numbers coming on to the market have tightened, but the biggest factor affecting cow prices has been the recent uplift in factory prices filtering through to the live ring.

Last week, prices paid for top-quality suckler cows in slaughter fit conditions ranged from 250p to 280p/kg.

Upper end

However, at the upper end of the market, there were isolated instances where top-conformation quality animals exceeded 295p/kg.

Sucklers carrying less condition and suited to a short intensive finishing period were selling upwards from a base of 200p/kg.

On average, cow prices are running 40/kg above their equivalent value from March 2022, which is worth £300 on a 750kg suckler-bred animal.

Cull cows originating from dairy herds are also commanding higher prices.

Good-quality Friesian cows in slaughter-fit condition have broken the 200p/kg barrier, although the general run of price reports range from 170-190p/kg.

Dairy cows more suited to a short feeding period are making upwards from 150p/kg, with plainer lots more typically making 100-120p/kg.


Mart mangers continue to report smaller shows of store cattle coming through the rings although some sales held towards the end of last week were affected by weather.

Prices for stores have edged up by 10-15p/kg in recent weeks, with heavy fleshed and slaughter-fit steers freely making 290p-300p/kg, while exceptional quality lots are above 320p/kg.

At a kill-out of 58%, the main run of mart prices equate to a beef price well above the 500p/kg mark.

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