I farm: “After school with my brothers Ollie (5) and Frankie (2) on my grandad John Cummins’ farm. My nanny Joan and uncle Martin help on the farm too. I’m seven and in first class in Glynn National School, St Mullins. Ollie is in senior infants and Frankie is still at home. He’s on the farm the most. My great granny Ellie lives on the farm as well and it was her 96th birthday this year.”

Cows: “Grandad has 50 cows, all Friesians. They get milked twice a day. Nanny likes doing the milking. We help feed the calves and the cows with grandad after we do our homework. The cows get nuts from Connolly’s Red Mills where my daddy works and we keep the nuts in the nut house. The milk goes to the milk tank, then into the milk lorry and then to the creamery. We help bring in the cows to the parlour and go on the tractor with grandad or Martin.”

Tractors: “My favourite tractor is a John Deere; Ollie likes Massey Fergusons and Frankie likes New Hollands and lawnmowers. Nanny and Grandad have two horses as well, Bay and Mystic, and their foals are Charlie and Lily. The dogs are Shep and Spot and Frankie loves chasing the cat around the yard. Her name is Ginger and she could eat anything.”

Hurling: “We hurl with St Mullins up in the pitch. I’m a forward and Ollie likes being in goal. We both play under seven. Frankie is mad for hurling too. My uncles Kevin and Conor are playing in the Leinster club semi-final in Croke Park on Sunday and we’ll be going with my mammy and daddy. My other nanny Liz and grandad Mattie will be there too and we’re all excited.”

Wedding: “Uncle Kevin got married last Friday to Niamh. The three of us were page boys and it was a great day.”