Why have you decided to do this?

  • Efficient suckler and sheep farms have an important role in rural Ireland and in sustaining rural communities.
  • Efficient suckler and sheep farms can return a good income to farmers relative to labour input required.
  • There is scope to put more money in suckler and sheep farmers’ pockets by making systems more efficient.
  • By using new technologies, we can make the Irish Farmers Journal even better at communicating technical information to farmers.
  • Our business is dependent on farmers – this is just another way of giving something back.
  • Why have you chosen this farm?

  • It reflects the land type on which most suckler and sheep farms operate.
  • It is easily accessible to farmers from all over the country.
  • It is large enough to keep our farm manager busy.
  • It belongs to a family that bought into what we were trying to achieve – the Grogans.
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