Slurry equipment manufacturer, Mastek, debuted several new products at the Ploughing for the first time, including a 18m triple-fold dribble bar and a remote-controlled engine set.

However, it was Mastek’s new front reel concept which caught our attention. Originally developed by Mark Moffett Engineering, it was later purchased by Mastek and redesigned. The reel is clamped on to the tractor’s front lift linkage, without the need for a top link. Like all front reels, when lowered, it sticks out over 2m in front of the tractor. However, due to its design and the way it is clamped, once the operator lifts the reel, the company explains that it swings in towards the tractor, leaving the operation much safer when pulling out on to busy roads.

When the reel is fully raised, Mastek claims it takes almost 500kg of weight off the front axle loading, improving axle longevity. Mastek says the weight distribution makes it possible to carry 800m of piping on a smaller tractor. The manufacturer outlined that it sees a big future for this product. Available for spring 2023, it is priced at €4,500 plus VAT.