Finnish tractor manufacturer, Valtra has announced its new blind spot camera system to mark the 10-year anniversary of its Unlimited studio. The Unlimited studio is where Valtra customers can specify factory fitted customised solutions for their new tractor.

Called VIEW (Vision-based Intelligent Electronic Warnings) the smart camera system is designed to improve safety both in the field and on the road.

The system uses ISObus information and machine learning algorithms to identify hazards and notify the driver via a high resolution monitor. This means traffic can be detected crossing in front of the tractor when driving with implements on the front linkage such as mowers, front tanks, hoppers etc.

It displays three views showing the left, right, and rear camera perspectives. The system automatically switches to the rear camera when reversing and automatically displays the two front camera views when either indicators are turned on. When reversing a rear camera detects both people and traffic behind the tractor to avoid any accidents. Camera views and acoustic notifications can be changed on the go.