Cork County Council has granted permission for the construction of a new solar farm near the Whitechurch area.

Amarenco Solar Ballynahina Ltd secured a 10-year permit for the solar farm, which will consist of approximately 71,742 photovoltaic panels, including a 38kV substation compound.

The 30MW solar farm is expected to connect to the 110kV Kilbarry substation, located 3.5km away from the site via an underground cable, although the exact route has not yet been determined.

The solar farm spans across the townlands of Killavarrig, Rahanisky and Ballynahina in Whitechurch, covering eight land parcels owned by four landowners.


The application received two submissions - one from James Underwood based in Dublin, who argued that the application was not prepared in line with Irish and European planning legislation, and another from Green Party Councillor Alan O’Connor.

In his submission, Cllr O’Connor made it clear that he did not object to the development, but raised concerns about proposed lighting and site restoration conditions.