Each week, a brand-new original student worksheet will be available to complement each one of the study guides, which can be used by students in class or at home.

The original worksheets will include various tasks from comprehension exercises, dictionary work, multiple choice questions and more.

The worksheets have been designed to enhance learning of the new Leaving Certificate material and as alternatives to exam questions. The worksheets can be used as a tool to assess self-learning or, alternatively, classroom assessment.

The answers can be found in the corresponding study guide and the linked content. Additional sources such as the Irish Farmers Journal website, Teagasc website, and the Agri Aware Virtual Farm may be useful.

Task 1: There are three distinctive digestive systems found in farm animals.

  • What is the term used to describe a four-chambered digestive system?
  • What is the term used to describe a single-chambered digestive system?
  • What is the alternative name for a modified monogastric herbivore?
  • Which of the three digestive systems outlined do poultry have?
  • Task 2: Ruminants are herbivorous grazing animals that include cattle, sheep and goats.

  • Name each of the four chambers with the ruminant animal.
  • Briefly describe the role of the rumen.
  • Bonus! Which animal is the largest ruminant found on earth?
  • Task 3: Many different types of microorganisms are found within the ruminant digestive system.

  • Name two types of microorganisms found in the ruminant digestive system.
  • Why are microorganisms important within ruminant digestion?
  • Which class of microorganisms mentioned are responsible for methane production?
  • Describe the process of rumination.
  • Task 4: Comparison of the ruminant and the monogastric digestive system.

  • Name
  • i) one example of a monogastric farm animal and

    ii) one example of a ruminant farm animal.

    Which of the two systems

    i) is better at digesting cellulose

    ii) produces volatile fatty acids (VFAs)?

    Task 5: Horses are an example of hind-gut fermenters.

  • What is the role of the cecum?
  • What is colic?
  • Is digestion in the hind-gut fermenter more microbial or more enzymatic?
  • 2021-2022 Study Guide Worksheet: Animal Digestive Systems