Each week, a brand-new original student worksheet will be available to complement each one of the study guides, which can be used by students in class or at home.

The original worksheets will include various tasks, from comprehension exercises, dictionary work, multiple choice questions and more.

The worksheets have been designed to enhance learning of the new Leaving Certificate material and as alternatives to exam questions. The worksheets can be used as a tool to assess self-learning or, alternatively, classroom assessment.

The answers can be found in the corresponding study guide and the linked content. Additional sources such as the Irish Farmers Journal website, Teagasc website (http://www.teagasc.ie/), and the Agri Aware Virtual Farm may be useful.

Task 1: With tractors getting larger, vehicle safety is more important than ever. Answer the questions below.

  • List three safety checks that should be done before using a tractor.
  • Give one reason for why each one is necessary.
  • Research the biggest risks associated with farm machinery.
  • List some of the ways these risks can be mitigated.
  • Task 2: Silage is an important and relatively cheap choice for feeding animals during the winter. Answer the questions below.

  • What is the importance of DMD?
  • Why is monitoring the sward important?
  • What time of day is best for mowing and why?
  • What is the most important factor to consider when storing silage?
  • What is the reason for leaving a stubble height of 5cm when cutting grass?
  • What are the three components of silage making best practice?
  • Task 3: LESS is a more recent introduction to conventional farming. Answer the questions below.

  • Outline the preparations that should be undertaken before slurry spreading operations.
  • What does LESS stand for?
  • Name and describe two different methods of LESS.
  • Which LESS system is least at risk of wear and tear and why?
  • 2021-2022 Study Guide worksheet: farm machinery and vehicles.