Each week, a brand-new original student worksheet will be available to complement each one of the study guides, which can be used by students in class or at home.

The original worksheets will include various tasks from comprehension exercises, dictionary work, multiple choice questions and more.

The worksheets have been designed to enhance learning of the new Leaving Certificate material and as alternatives to exam questions.

The worksheets can be used as a tool to assess self-learning or, alternatively, classroom assessment.

The answers can be found in the corresponding study guide and the linked content. Additional sources such as the Irish Farmers Journal website, Teagasc website and the Agri Aware Virtual Farm may be useful.

Task 1: In agriculture, it all starts with the soil.

  • Research and list some examples of inorganic soil nutrients.
  • Research and list some examples of bio-based soil nutrients.
  • List two pros and two cons of using inorganic soil nutrients.
  • List two pros and two cons of using bio-based soil nutrients.
  • Task 2: Answer the questions below.

  • Explain the importance of the five steps of soil fertility.
  • In recent history, what has been the preferred species of grass for reseeding in Ireland.
  • What are cover crops? Explain how they improve soil quality.
  • What are mixed species swards? Explain their benefits for soils.
  • Task 3: Nutrients within plants and crops are transferred to animals when they eat them.

  • What are the six nutrient groupings that are important for animals?
  • Research the importance of protein for dairy cow.
  • Explain the importance of colostrum for calves.
  • What is a calf fed when housed in the sheds?
  • Task 4: Answer the questions below.

  • Summarise the scientific findings presented in one media article. Use the Irish Farmers Journal to locate one relevant to nutrition and nutrient management.
  • Identify some limitations of scientific evidence.
  • Generate two or three hypotheses or possible investigations related to the IIS title: ‘Exploring nutrition and nutrients - the importance to Irish agriculture of their effective use and management’.
  • 2021-2022 Study Guide worksheet: individual investigative study