Aurivo and ABP have launched a dairy beef programme that aims to improve the quality of beef calves coming from the dairy herd.

The 'advantage beef programme' also aims to link dairy and beef farmers in the purchase of suitable beef calves from the dairy herd.

Participating Aurivo dairy farmers will receive tailored advice on beef bull selection ahead of this year’s breeding season that will deliver offspring of higher beef merit, while still delivering on key attributes such as calving ease and gestation length for dairy farmers.

By linking dairy farmers and beef farmers together, it will ensure that there is a guaranteed market for beef calves for participating dairy farmers.

Higher genetic status

Meanwhile, beef farmers will also be able to benefit from higher genetic beef calves of high health status.

Within the programme, herds signed up to the national genotyping programme will be prioritised to capitalise on the access to robust genetic information validated by genomics and sire verification

The dairy beef programme aims to increase the quality and marketability of dairy beef calves available in spring 2025 through the use of high genetic merit beef bulls.

Dairy farmers who join this programme will have two options:

  • 1. Sell the calves from three weeks old to advantage programme beef farmers that they will be linked with by an ABP liaison.
  • 2. Bring these calves through to slaughter as part of the advantage beef programme where farmers will get a 20c/kg sustainability bonus plus their breed bonus and QA bonus on all qualifying animals.
  • Commenting on the programme, Aurivo farm profitability and sustainability manager Declan Marren said: “There are mutual benefits for both dairy and beef farmers here, including secured markets for calves and a calf with greater potential to go on and perform for beef farmers right across our region.”

    ABP agri-sustainability manager Stephen Connolly added that animal breeding is a key factor to aid the economic and environmental sustainability of our dairy beef system.

    Farmers can sign up to the programme by contacting ABP's Kieran Connor on 086-164 9206 or, for more information from Aurivo, contact farm profitability and sustainability specialist Justin Commins on 086-059 7949.